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Modi khola visions  A journey into introspection with the Annapurna region as a background.
The Annapurna region in Nepal has been high on my wishlist for years and finally I ended up in the heart of the range via The Modi Khola valley at the end of 2017. The Modi Khola valley is located between the peaks of Hiunchuli and ‘the house of Shiva’ Māchhāpuchhre. The Alpine orogeny, starting in the late Mesozoic and current Cenozoic (meaning ‘new life’) era, has shaped this valley in a brutal yet delightful way. However, the visual spectacle suggests a far more dynamic process and it is as if the crags, cliffs and rocks are affected by wind, as if they were waves. It is the gateway to the Annapurna base camp, which is a favorite for many people because of the dramatic theatre of ice plastered walls.

In the end, this outing unexpectedly turned into a kind of spiritual journey with some personal insights that have been opened during the days in the Modi Khola valley. This series is a registration of moments in time while traveling through it. Quite overwhelming by times, questioning my values and searching for what is important to live my life.
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